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Warm your Home with a Free Air Source Heat Pump Grant

Are you sick of having inconsistent warmth in your house while your energy costs are over the roof? We at Free Energy Grants are here to assist you in obtaining an air source heat pump grant for your home. Cut down on carbon emissions while enjoying warmth, all with lower energy costs.

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Elevate Your Home's Energy Efficiency with "Free Energy Grants"

Are you tired of skyrocketing energy bills and the environmental impact of traditional heating systems? Well, the UK government has got you covered and is on a mission to decarbonize homes, and they're offering generous grants to help you make the switch to sustainable, energy-efficient air source heat pumps. At Free Energy Grants, we believe in making sustainable living accessible to all. We make sure that every household in the UK has smooth access to Air Source Heat Pump Grants to enjoy efficient and eco-friendly heating. As a pioneer in the green energy landscape, we are committed to bringing you cutting-edge solutions that not only reduce your environmental impact but also contribute to significant cost savings.

How to Apply for an Air Source Heat Pump Grant?

Ready to ditch fossil fuels and embrace the warmth of free energy? Here’s your roadmap to securing an Air Source Heat Pump through Free Energy Grants!


Fill out our online easy application form for an air source heating grant. Our grant expert team will then assess your application.


Following the successful submission of your application, we will organise a free, no-obligation survey to verify that you receive the maximum award and inspect your property for heating upgrades.


Our professional will install your chosen equipment at a time that is convenient for you. All of our installations strictly adhere to federal regulations.

Understanding the Air Source Heat Pump Grant

The Air Source Heat Pump Government Grant is a significant low-carbon heating option that can aid in the decarbonization of heat in our homes over the next decade. Switching to low-carbon renewable heating sources can result in large carbon savings, but in order to meet the UK's Net Zero aspirations, we must accelerate and broaden the scope of installations. In November 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled a ten-point strategy to propel the UK towards carbon neutrality by 2050. A key element? Boosting heat pump installations to a staggering 600,000 per year by 2028. This target underscores the government's commitment to clean heating and positions air source heating grants as the cornerstone of this transformation. Furthermore, the Future Homes Standard, effective from 2025, will ban fossil fuel heating in new builds. This bold move further underlines the urgency of embracing cleaner alternatives like air source heat pumps.

Make a Step to Save on Energy Costs

Ready to make a positive change for the environment and your wallet? Apply for our exclusive grants today and take the first step towards a sustainable future.

Do The Following Criteria Apply to You?

If all these points apply to you then an air source heat pump could be the right solution and you could qualify for a free heat pump funding grant.

How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?

Air source heat pumps extract heat from the external atmosphere and transfer it to your hydronic central heating system. Air-to-water heat pumps are the best option for large radiators or water underfloor heating systems due to their temperate output compared to typical gas or oil boilers. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, they must possess a substantial surface area to dissipate heat. You can get this type free of cost from the government heat pump grants UK. ASHPs work like a reversed refrigerator. A refrigerant circulates through the system, absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring it indoors through your existing central heating system. In summer, the process can be reversed, providing cool air conditioning.

Eligibility for the Grant

Eligibility criteria for the government grant for air source heat pumps may vary depending on the specific program and location. However, some common factors include:

The grant is typically available to homeowners, landlords, and Private Tenants.

You receive any of the certain benefits below:

You’re also eligible if your EPC rating is D (lower), E, F, or G and you heat your home using one of the inefficient old-dated heating means:

You may also be eligible if you have a low income and high heating costs for your house.

Have Questions? We're Here to Help!

Our dedicated support team is ready to address any inquiries you may have. Contact us today, and let's work together to secure a first time central heating grant for you.

Grants coverage for Air Source Heat Pump?

An amount of £7,500 will cover the entire cost of installing a new air source heat pump. However, the costs vary depending on the type of heat pump and the size of your house.

Many households are now eligible for a FREE Air Source Heat Pump Grant through the ECO4. The grants are fully funded and all the costs will be observed by the UK government. So, hurry up and check your eligibility for the grant.

With Free Energy Grants, claiming your air source heat pump government grant is a breeze. So, buckle up, embrace the comfort of free energy, and let’s turn up the warmth while reducing carbon footprints and tackling fuel poverty!

Exclusions for Government Air Source heat pump grant:

  • Grants are not available for hybrid systems combining air source heat pumps with existing fossil fuel boilers, like gas or oil.
  • You cannot receive a grant if your existing heating system is already low-carbon, such as a geothermal heat pump.
  • The system you install must meet certain standards, such as minimum efficiency levels. Consult your installer for guidance.
  • Grants apply only to systems with a maximum output of 45kWth.
  • Properties that received previous government or Energy Company Obligation funding for heat pumps or biomass boilers are ineligible for the grant.

Potential Benefits of Free Air Source Heat Pump Grants

  1. The benefits of Air Source Heat Pump grants are multifaceted, encompassing both economic and environmental advantages:


Financial Advantages:

  • The grant covers the entire cost of Air Source Heat Pump installation, eliminating a significant financial burden.
  • ASHPs are significantly more efficient than traditional heating systems, leading to lower energy consumption and substantial savings on your bills.
  • Homes equipped with ASHPs are considered more sustainable and energy-efficient, potentially boosting their market value. So, gear up and bag a free air source heat pump grant.


Environmental Advantages:

  • By switching from fossil fuel-based heating to renewable energy, you significantly lower your carbon emissions and contribute to combating climate change.
  • ASHPs don’t emit harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide, promoting cleaner air and a healthier environment.
  • By reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels, you contribute to a more secure and independent energy future.

Let’s Collaborate and Enjoy the Uninterruptable Home Heating

At Free Energy Grants, we believe in not just meeting but exceeding your expectations. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we are dedicated to providing a grant for an air-source heat pump. We will not only ensure the seamless approval and installation process but also leave you with peace of mind. At the moment you are on board with us, rest assured that your comfort is in the hands of experts who prioritize excellence.

Secure A Grant

Looking for First Time Central Heating Grants, Free Energy Grants will be your guide in securing a grant, making it effortless to achieve a warm and energy-efficient home.


Your eligibility depends on several factors, including your location, letter of benefits and the specific grant program you’re interested in. Here’s a quick overview:
  • Location: 
  • ASHP specifications: 
  • Homeowners or private tenants
  • Recipients of OFGEM-approved government UK benefits
  • Homes with low Energy Performance Certificate (Lower D, E, F to G)

Yes, but it depends on your eligibility. Check out the resources (Place Eligibility links here) to see if you qualify for any air source heat pump government grant in your area.

While “free” might be a stretch, certain grant programs can significantly offset the cost of installing an ASHP. It is possible to achieve a very low net cost in some cases through a combination of rebates and incentives from energy providers.

Several factors determine if your home is suitable for grant air source heat pumps:
  • ASHPs work best in mild climates with moderate winters. They may struggle in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Well-insulated homes make ASHPs more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Existing radiators or underfloor heating can often work with ASHPs, but sometimes modifications are needed.
  To assess your home’s suitability, it’s best to consult with a qualified ASHP installer who can conduct a survey and advise you on the best options.

Grant heat pumps use a variety of modern and user-friendly control systems, including:

  • Wireless thermostats: These allow you to control the temperature in different zones of your home from a convenient handheld device.
  • Smartphone apps: Some models offer apps for remote control and monitoring of your heating system.
  • Timers and programs: You can set heating schedules and adjust settings for optimal comfort and efficiency.